Cohort Fellowship

The Municipalism Cohort Fellowship is a 12-week online program, beginning on September 16th 2023 and ending December 2nd, that presents radical municipalist theory and practice to grassroots organizers trying to reclaim the right to their cities and self-organize as rebel cities.

Twenty participants will be selected (including small groups in the same location or organization) for the inaugural cohort of the fellowship program. We encourage participants who are already active in movement building — such as mutual aid projects, cooperatives and solidarity economy initiatives, neighborhood and tenant organizing, and reimagining public institutions — to apply.

The deadline to submit applications through this online form is August 18th 2023 by 11:59 PM ET | 10:59 PM CT | 8:59 PM PT. Applicants will be notified of the results of the selection process on September 8th.

Public Panels

We offer public panels introducing the theory and practice of radical municipalism to a broad audience in North America. The panels are organized around themes, such as the intersection of municipalism and race, and feature a blend of thinkers and practitioners. Everyone is welcome to register and attend the panels, which are structured as online webinars.

Our first panel was launched on May Day 2022 and explored the theme of The Municipalist Moment. Speakers included Kali Akuno, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Ananya Roy, and AbdouMaliq Simone.

Our second panel took place on May Day 2023 and focused on the theme of Municipalism and Labor. Our speakers included Bianca Cunningham, Claudia Jimenez, Rand Wilson, and Shelton Stromquist.

Our third panel occurred on the 24th anniversary of the Battle of Seattle and explored the Assembly. The panel was comprised of Denzel Caldwell, Edgar Franks, Marisa Holmes, and Michael Hardt.

Our fourth panel was on February 14, 2024 and looked at Intercommunalism. Speakers included Ericka Huggins, James Tracy, Kamau Franklin, and Kazembe Balagun.

White Papers

We publish white papers exploring the intersection of radical municipalism with other social movement topics, such as solidarity economy, abolition, and decolonization.

Municipalism Learning Series

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