What is “Municipalism”?

Municipalism, as a term, is up for grabs. If you Google it you’ll be given a snippet from Wikipedia about “libertarian municipalism”,  a powerful but limited political/philosophical concept from Murray Bookchin.

Surely “municipalism” can and should mean something more than one man’s philosophical ideas.

We need a “municipalism” that incorporates old and new concepts from all over the social, political and economic landscape, including urbanismbioregionalismparadiplomacycommunity-based economics,  civic technologparticipatory democracy, social ecology and more.

We need a municipalism that can mobilize city residents to solve local problems while also building global networks that can transcend the existing political status quo which is still rooted in the nation-state and its international institutions.

We need a municipalism that can turn the failure of the nation-state into an opportunity to recenter political control at the local level while advancing human rights through globally scalable peer-networks.

What does “municipalism” mean to you now? What do you think it should mean in the future?

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